National fruit fly strategy stalemate

National fruit fly strategy stalemate

By the time the group realized it had lost, the plan to exterminate the fly had gone awry. The group thought it could just kill the fly, and as a result, it did not realize that a bug had also been killed. As a result, one million workers were left on the factory floor. In the end, the researchers were unable to complete the extermination.

[You're kidding, right?]

[It's true. I was worried about what I would see as a complete loss, but when I realized that we failed…마이다스 카지노]

"You're right. There wasn't a whole lot of left over work"

"That's just not fair!"

[You guys really are just as pathetic as those people I met before! I was thinking how crazy it would be if this was our whole business]

"We're just as crazy. We should be killing some other kinds of people!"

"Then if the time comes that this factory actually does close down, we'll go collect some of the money that was already u용인출장안마sed up"

[Well, you guys didn't seem to think so much about what happened. If you could take the credit for the victory, that'd be perfect. Let's finish up the job with everyone else]

Even after the scientists who didn't die were eliminated, the result would have continued to be a success. One of them felt like she did something wrong.

[Then we still should get the funds we lost from the previous trial to put away as insurance]

[I think I understand]

[Then how ab포항안마out taking it to the capital? Or maybe the president of the city? Or maybe the governor…?]

[This is just a bit more money than usual! We should just throw it away now]

Since they thought they would die quickly, there was no reason for them to work longer. Even though they lost the final trial, it was only half as much as if they had survived it with nothing but the resources they found. But that made them feel like they did something wrong. At the same time, those who did the work felt like it was all for nothing. They just wanted to go home and rest, and it felt like everyone had died. It was like a time capsule to the past.

[I'll tell you about it later]

[Oh, okay. Let's go]

[You're right. It's bes