Conference hears migrant language testing worries

Conference hears migrant language testing worries

Migration experts fear the tests could lead to false positive assessments, and lead to the return of deportations – while under pressure to help the nation's majority-Muslim population.

The government hopes the language tests will be used only as a last resort.

The Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, said the tests were an important component in immigration control but said they could not be used to deport people already in Australia.

"The Government has never claimed that language testing is a tool for deportation and our government will not use these mandatory tests as a last resort," he said.

"However, if a person is found to be of a particular nationality or a person with a criminal record and has not been assessed by the system at some point, the individual will be notified of the fact so that he or she can make an application for asylum."

At a press conference following the session, Mr Abbott confirmed he had "seen reports" linking "detention-type tests" with asylum seekers who were not being properly assessed.

But he said the government would look into whether those people were indeed having their applications referred for review.

"There are certain circumstances that might require such a review, such as where an application is referred in the past for review but that decision was not subsequently made," Mr Abbott said.

The Immigration Minister said 영양출장마사지the government had increased the number of language experts trained in English, English and Man골목darin over the past five years, and called on the public to share information with them.

"We will get to the bottom of exactly what is going on to find out exactly where the people with language or language testing that are not being considered have gone to, but it would be encouraging if people have the resources to help us," he said.

The Department of Immigration has a website which states the National Immigrant Workforce Partnership w바카라 사이트as launched in 2001.

It is intended to help migrants working for an Australian company relocate to the country without having to speak English and Chinese.

Australian Labor's Senator Brandis said the testing was "nonsense" because many migrants have worked hard to reach Australia, and many have given up on finding work.

He also accused the government of using the testing, which was in its last stage, as a publicity tool.

"It is a government that has seen this language testing for asylum seekers for the last five years is the best way they can be targeted as they will not get the information they need to mak