Libs back plans for central coast airport

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACA) has warned the Coalition Government over the impact of a planned Queensland airport expansion.

The Queensland Government will spend $2.5 billion on the pro피망 포커ject and it would deliver $3.6 billion in private investment over four years to build a new airport at the western end of the state capital, Brisbane.

ACA chief executive David Ward described the planned airport expansion at the Queensland site as being "on the brink" of happening, as it would create "substantial new infrastructure" over Brisbane, which currently has just two airports.

The Coalition plans to spend $6 billion to expand the state's major airport - a major expansion with the state expected to need more than 1,000 flights per day by 2028.

Mr Ward said while no projects would be completed within two years of each other, the Queensland Government's planned airport expansion meant that any infrastructure cost would be added to state spending and would have an impa에스엠 카지노ct on the Queensland budget for the future.

Mr Ward said the proposal included a number of significant infrastructure developments that would require local government to help pay for them over a number of years.

"We're in the process of taking these projects to government and asking them to commit to help cover future projects," he said.

"If you're not willing to commit at the earliest possible date, then they shouldn't be doing any of the projects," he said.

Queensla시흥출장마사지nd Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has defended the Government's decision, saying it was simply to fund the planned airports expansion.

"Queensland needs to be building its own airports," she said.

"They will never get more out of the airport than they're getting now."

Ms Palaszczuk also questioned why the Government had not used the existing airport infrastructure, saying that was already available in the state.

"How much money has that airport cost in relation to what they're doing?" she said.

"If they've not got the money to build it, I'd like to see them actually get funding for it, rather than simply fund infrastructure through state and territory budgets.

"We should not be relying on those things."

The expansion also has the support of other Australian states including Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

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Report raises alarm on north korea military might" — Reuters 6/8 Reuters

"South Korea's military could soon deploy anti-missile interceptors capable of reaching North Korea's nuclear facilities, in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and a U.S. warning that any such action would constitute a 'direct and imminent threat' to regional security." — Reuters 7/8 Reuters

"If North Korea is indeed developing weapons카지노 사이트 that can reach the U.S. mainland, it will make the region even more dangerous, potentially leading to a wider conflict." — Reuters 8/8 Reuters

North Korea is currently developing "a long-range바카라 missile-firing capability capable of reaching Guam, which is a U.S. military Pacific territory," and that "Pyongyang has conducted another missile launch that tested a further technology, indicating new activities in the area are st샌즈 카지노ill in the planning stages, including development of an intercontinental ballistic missile" Reuters 7/8 Reuters

"The North Korean regime is also believed to be developing a submarine-launched ballistic missile capability that may be capable of reaching American warships, as well as threatening the U.S. mainland, with a potential for a nuclear attack, officials say. " AP 7/8 Reuters

North Korea is developing an "ultra-long-range ballistic missile" (VLBM) that has a "range of 2,400 km, an accuracy of 3,500 km, is capable of striking the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii with a nuclear-tipped warhead and could strike North America, Pacific region and Japan, according to former U.S. intelligence officials. " Reuters 8/8 Reuters

Accused triple murderer makes second bail hearing

Lawyers for the three men who were sentenced to death this month in the killings of two women, a 16-year-old girl and her friend, say they have not yet been told if they will see any trial lawyers.

Lawyer Brian MacAulay asked judge Brian J. Zampone on Tuesday to grant their request, but was denied as the prosecution objected.

Zampone's ruling could take weeks, or longer, to implement.

The victims' mother, Gloria Macri, told the judge that her daughter, Sandra DeJesus, 27, and her girlfriend, Nicole DeJesus, 22, were "deadly" victims.

Her daughter and friend Nicole DeJesus, killed on Feb. 2, 2001. The mother and the 우리카지노sister were the victims of triple homicide and were both killed. (CBC)

"They were the ones with me. They're living now," she said.

After she spoke on behalf of the victim's father, William DeJesus and the sister's father, William and Nancy DeJesus, the prosecutor in the case, Michael O'Flaherty, responded by referring to the murder victims' mother and sister by name.

Nancy DeJesus, the sister's mother, had said on his behalf that he was sorry for the pain they felt.

'Consequences have been decided'

"He is the responsible party. He's responsible for the consequences of what he did," O'Flaherty sa우리카지노id.

DeJesus, who lived ingospelhitz the same village as Macaulay, testified that the girls were on their last night on their lives.

His lawyer is Michael O'Flaherty, of C.L. Douglas. (CBC)

But Macaulay noted that, during the five-minute questioning, "several times on his face, in terms of the prosecution's closing argument, they would say he is innocent."

"What do you want me to do," Macaulay said.

"I can't have you say that you are guilty. I won't."

Macaulay then continued: "I am not going to allow a court appearance."

He indicated that Macaulay should not be allowed to be present, arguing that Macaulay's lawyers, who were the victim's relatives and close friends, were not allowed to appear and his client's lawyer, Michael O'Flaherty, shoul