Qld police continue search for duo missing in capella car

More than 1.5 tonnes of ammunition, 50 rounds of ammunition, seven handguns and ammunition magazines and an AR-15 pistol were found at a home on the northern Sydney suburb of Bountiful, police have confirmed.

Officers conducted a house check on Thursday night around 6.30pm, and discovered ammunition, assault rifles and firearms.

Police said all but two of the weapons were removed as part of the "sheltering" of a resident in Bountiful, which is located 30km south of Sydney.

They will be transported to a waiting squad of officers for further examination.

Police believe the pair may ha수원출장마사지ve been victims of an attempted shooting and there is no suggestion anyone has been injured.

media_camera Forensic officers carry out a house check on Thursday night near Bountiful. Picture: Anthony Smith

The house is in a residential area, which is currently in lockdown following the discovery of explosives and ammunition.

The home, which is owned by a local man, is located about five kilometres north of the city's central business district, about 2.8 hours drive north of Melbourne's CBD.

Two police officers were injured when a man jumped out of a car window in the street. The man is understood to have acted in self defence when he shot himself. Police will be speaking with the man as they prepare to lead him into custody.

Police in NSW are still at the scene investigating the death of a 37-year-old man in nearby Darlinghurst.

The man was rushed to St Vincent's in central Sydney and a police team and bomb squad from nearby Port Macquarie arrived at the scene on Thursday evening.

media_camera The NSW police helicopter carries a helicopter from the nearby town of Kingsdown, which is near to Bountiful.

The man's girlfriend told the ABC he had a son who was in Sydney during 구리안마the day when he was going out on business.

media_camera A police helicopter on Thursday night in Bountiful where two people were seriously hurt after an armed man broke out of an apartment building.

There is no police record of his identity.

A 37-year-old man is said to be in stable condition in a Canberra hospital after suffering minor injuries when he attempted to breach a police cordon on the Bountatm 카지노iful town's outer suburb.

The man is a father-of-five, and the victim's grandmother has been described as hi

Govt to review immigration detention cases, including its relationship with agencies on immigration court", citing the fact that the Commission on Elections (CoE) received more complaints and documents from asylum seekers about the detention of asylum seekers than the CoE itself.

'Uncertainty' over the impact of immigration policy is damaging to asylum seekers, he said. The government is currently investigating the detention of asylum seekers and asked for reports on that.

"This uncertainty is likely to have serious adverse impact on엠카지노 vulnerable people and their families," Rauw said. "It would also affect their ability to reintegrate into the community and their ability to access a justice system that should be a source of refuge."

"Citizenship and the right to a fair trial is fundamental to the Australian system. The government should make clear the level of confidence the Commission is in the integrity of the policy."

He said asylum seekers were not being released as they 바카라 게임should be because they were being detained due to the laXO 카지노ck of a trial and, if they were being released, they should only be released following a good behaviour bond.

"Those who remain should have access to the courts to ensure they are released as soon as possible when the matter of the case is settled".

Un chief calls for calm and communication in koreas, calls for peaceful resolution of 'unprecedented' protest movement

By Atsuko Fukuda

Korea's Unification Ministry, an agency charged with protecting rights of civil society organizations, has called on Koreans to keep their peace on Sunday as a large anti-government demonstration broke out in the country's largest city.

A handful of protesters have clashed with police on the central government complex near downtown Seoul, with many using megaphones to shout slogans. But there was no clash, with security forces using tear gas to disperse them.

"In recent years, the security forces have faced criticism from civil society because they failed to protect civil society," Unification Ministry spokesman Kim Seung-hwan said in a teleconference with reporters.

Police arrested a dozen protesters Thursday for disturbing the peace after a dispute between police and the demonstrators turned violent, he said. A video shows protesters fighting with police.

"We will respond as needed to this type of activity. The protests continue, and we will have the strength to handle the situation properly once the situation dies down," Kim said.

The violence began Monday night when protesters disrupted a government-run memorial service for former President Roh Moo-hyun and began a rally in response on Sunday night, South Korea's Yonhap바카라사이트 news agency reported.

The demonstrators demanded a return to the constitution under the current rules and freedom of expression as well as their share in the nation's prosperity and job creation.

While the anti-government demonstrators called for free electigospelhitzons, they said they oppose a referendum on independence by the South for the first time sinc더킹카지노e independence in 1945, but the government has said the referendum will go ahead and would take place in the summer.

The demonstrators had planned to join the pro-government rally on Sunday night but halted their march after officials detained dozens of demonstrators, including some with cellphones.

More than 4 million South Koreans have joined protests to demand the country's leader change a decision to return to the 1950-53 constitution, which the military ruled.

The government wants a national vote next year and was planning to hold a constitutional reform referendum this year. But the anti-government demonstrators said they wanted to vote on independence as they consider the nation's future direction, South Korea's national government news agency said.

Demonstrators have held rallies and parades around the world to advocate for a "people's" constitutional referendum but many say a parliamentary vote would not have sufficient legitimacy to be called